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Keeping an Eye on Value-Based Care - 3 Things to Watch

With Telehealth on the Rise, Policy & Payers Are Catching Up

Shedding Light on Alternate Payment Models

Why the Government is Outsourcing (and You Should, Too)

Encounter Data…Why Getting It Right is More Important Than Ever

Is It Time for a Billing Operations Check-Up? How to Assess the Health of Your Revenue Cycle

3 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Their CMS Star Rating (Regardless of its Flaws)

800 Hospitals Forfeit 1% of Revenue to CMS For Poor Performance

CMS Will Only Adjust Medicaid Rules – Not Drastically Change Them

Billions of Dollars Flow into Private Medicaid Plans with NO Cost Oversight or Efficacy of Treatment Determined

Improving Revenue Cycle Management with Point of Service Collections via Estimation and Eligibility Checking

Expert Coding Can Ensure You Are Maximizing Your Revenue Cycle

Pre-authorization as a Service Requires Both Technology and Human Components

Transforming the Business of Healthcare

The Importance of Eligibility Verification and Pre-authorization

The Age of Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Has Arrived

Revenue Cycle Management Is More Than Just Managing Your Cash Flow

Rising Costs in Healthcare Lead to Increased Demand for Outsourced Solutions

Walmart Reportedly in Early-stage Talks to Buy Humana

Finally, we are thinking out of the box..

The Importance of Capturing Charges and Posting Payments Correctly and Efficiently

Efforts Applauded, But Uphill Battle Unlikely to Produce Results

Medicare Advantage Growth Could Spell Problems for Providers

Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management

It Didn’t Take Long!

“Blurring the Lines” – UnitedHealth Group Buys Davita Medical Group

Join the Fight to Prevent Cuts to 340B Hospitals

Uncertainty Over the ACA Repeal Has Many States Scrambling for Health Insurance Coverage

Staying in Touch Is What’s Behind Kaiser's $1 billion Quarterly Operating Gain

Medical Coding Company

Coding Audits Aimed at Clinical Documentation Improvement

Offshore vs. Onshore Coding—Does it Make a Difference?

Patient Collection Rates Are Plummeting as Out-of-Pocket Costs Rise – We Weren’t Surprised!

The Medicaid Dilemma

Outsourcing as a Solution for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Continues to Grow at a Rapid Pace

Two Couples Break-Up on Valentine’s Day

Be Prepared for "Surprise" Medical Billing

High Deductible Self-Pay Accounts Can Be a Major Threat to Revenue Cycle Management

What Will Be the Effects of Merger Mania on the Delivery of Healthcare?

Specificity of ICD-10 Coding Can Improve Reimbursements for Vaccine Administration

AHA President and CEO Asks President-Elect Trump For "Steady as She Goes" Effort on Healthcare

Beware of Secondary Injury to Your Wallet after an ER Visit

The Importance of Revenue Cycle Management in an Evolving Healthcare Delivery Environment

MACRA Final Rules Released

Be Careful of the Solutions You Create – They May Be Worse than the Problems You Were Trying to Solve!

“Thinking Outside of the Box” Pays off for Kaiser Permanente

Will Free-Standing Emergency Departments Negatively Impact Hospitals?

How to Survive in a Value-Based Healthcare Delivery Environment

Coding Denials “Wait and See What Happens” Will NOT be a Good Strategy When the ICD-10 Grace Period Ends!

Best Practices for Identifying Patients Who Have the Propensity to Pay Before and During POS

July is CDI Month – Let’s Celebrate!

Streamline Your Revenue Cycle Management

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Will Keep You Out of the News

CMS and AHIP Move to Improve Healthcare Quality Measures

The Climb to Conquer “Mount ICD-10” Is Going to Get Steeper

There Is NO Substitute for Training & Experience When It Comes to HIPAA Compliance

CMS Chronic Care Management (CCM) Initiative Can Help Improve Bottom Line for Physicians

Medical Coding Outsourcing is More Than Staffing

Big Data and 2016

Grow Your Own Doctors

New Year's Resolutions Can Be Achieved If You Have a Plan

Sobering Statistics about Growing Patient Self-Pay Amounts

The New World of High Insurance Deductibles Requires New Solutions

Patient Choice Is Driving Growth in Urgent Care Centers and Free Standing Emergency Departments

All is Not Well in the Small Hospital World When It Comes to the ICD-10 Transition

With the Start of ICD-10, It's Now About Reducing the Denial Rate

Survey Shows About 80 Percent of Hospital CFO's Consider Outsourcing RCM to be the Best Stop-Gap Measure

The Benefits of Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

Checklist for ICD-10 and Audit to Confirm Readiness

Getting a Late Start on ICD-10? Don’t Worry!

Outsourcing Chronic Care Management Is a Win-Win for All!

New CMS Initiative Can Generate Revenue for Physicians

Tips to Make Sure You Are Ready for ICD-10

Will the Multi-Billion Dollar DoD EHR Project Produce the Intended Results?

Bypassing the Insurance Companies

Yes, It’s Time to Encrypt PHI Data!

Uninsured Rate Dips Below 10%

Why Are Doctors Leaving Private Practice?

Dual Coding Could Minimize ICD-10’s Impact on Revenue

Ascension Health and Catholic Health Initiatives' Strategic Interest in RCM

Hospital Merger Mania Heats Up!

Optimizing Patient Access Management in the New Healthcare Consumerism Environment

Industry Mergers Will Necessitate Expert Revenue Cycle Management

Compliance with Credit Balance Resolution Rules Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Six Benefits and Results of Having a Good Credit Balance Resolution Program

Clinical Documentation and Coding Audits Can Improve Your Performance in Multiple Ways

10 Best Practices for Credit Balance Resolution

Credit Balance Facts – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Activities

Security Breaches Must Not Undermine Healthcare’s Movement toward Electronic Record Keeping

ERAs Are a Win-Win over Paper EOBs

Why Switch to ERAs?

Why ERAs Are More Efficient than EOBs

Patient Access Management in your Organization

Optimized Patient Access Management

Patient Access Management: The New Vanguard in Healthcare

Healthcare Consumerism and Patient Access Management

Healthcare Financial Professionals Seek New Ways to Rescue Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare Financial Professionals Seek New Ways to Rescue Revenue Cycle Management

10 Steps for ICD-10 Readiness You Must Know

The Importance of Physician Champions in the Transition to ICD-10

How CDI Can Improve Your Cash Flow

The Key To A Good Night's Rest...

How ICD-10 Can Lead To An Improvement In Patient Care

ICD-10, Dual Coding - What Now?

The Role of Predictive Analytics in Revenue Cycle Management

The Unknown Unknowns: What you don’t know can hurt you!

Preparation is STILL the key for ICD-10

This Is Like Deja Vu All Over Again

ICD-10 Rollout Forecast is "Rocky"

Our Forward Thinking Series On Preparing For The ICD-10 Transition

Strategies for Managing the Increased Self-pay Revenue Stream

Managing New Patient Volume Driven By The Affordable Care Act

Hospital RCM May See More Bad Debt Due To ACA

Big Data Is A Really Big Deal For Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Big Data: Solution or Mistake for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

Beyond ICD-10 in a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Avoid a Shutdown of Your Revenue Cycle during the Transition to ICD-10

Weak Revenue Cycle Management Can Spawn Many Problems

Don’t Overlook Clinical Documentation in Your ICD-10 Preparations

3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Management Processes

A Pain Tylenol Will Not Relieve!

Don’t Let the Transition to ICD-10 “Stall Out” Your Revenue Cycle!

A Primer for Managing the ICD-10 Transition

A Guide for the Safari through the ICD-10 Jungle

Security Reigns Supreme at GeBBS

MGMA Fears 'Catastrophic Backlogs' From ICD-10 Testing Pullback

Docs Urged to Start Prepping Now for ICD-10

Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market Worth $50.4 Billion by 2018

The Switch to ICD-10 Will Not Be All “Gloom and Doom!”

A Tool that Can Aid in Your ICD-10 Transition

5 Practical Ideas to Aid in Your ICD-10 Transition

How Much Cash is Enough?

A Tool that Can Aid in Your ICD-10 Transition

Beware of Errant Sea Lions!

GeBBS featured in Wall Street Journal article

Is Your Vendor Ready to Help with Your ICD-10 Transition?

How Can You Define Success with Your BPO Provider?

5 Key Strategies for Optimizing Revenue Cycle Performance

Top 5 Reasons Why ICD-10 Implementation Does Matter!

Trends in Healthcare Billing: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Global Offshore Medical Billing

The Rise of Knowledge Business Process Outsourcing (KBPO)

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions to Showcase Coding Workflow & Automation Platform at RBMA 2013 Radiology Summit

The Impact of Accountable Care on Your Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Best Practices Adoption

How Will ICD-10 Impact Your Revenue Cycle Management?

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Assistance Comes in Many Forms

Understanding Electronic Remittance Advices: Benefits & Obstacles

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