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GeBBS featured in Wall Street Journal article

Posted on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 01:25 PM

Growth @ GeBBS imgWe at GeBBS are pleased to be mentioned prominently in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The piece, "Keep Employees Happy With Creative Perks", interviews some select "creative small firms" who use innovative benefits to keep their employees happy.

Of the 2,300 employees of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, the majority work in India, and their average age is 24—so the company offers the Indian employees coverage for themselves and their parents. "This helps us retain employees, since their parents love us and want to keep their coverage," says Nitin Thakor, president and CEO of the Englewood, N.J., company, which helps providers maximize their reimbursements from health plans and insurance companies. 

We are quite proud of our employees and we are committed to the idea that their well-being and happiness is synonomous with our Company success.

Read the full article here.

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GeBBS Healthcare Solutions to Showcase Coding Workflow & Automation Platform at RBMA 2013 Radiology Summit

Posted on Mon, May 06, 2013 @ 01:55 PM

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, May 08, 2013 -- GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing solutions, will be demonstrating its state-of-the-art coding platform, iCode, at the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) 2013 Radiology Summit, May 19-22 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

iCode, a SaaS-based coding platform, combines GeBBS’ expert coding capabilities with workflow technology, rules-based automation and certified coders to guarantee over 97 percent accuracy rates. It includes documentation and audit tools including ICD-10-focused documentation analysis and the ability to perform data analytics and reporting.

With demonstrated success in radiology, iCode works across all medical specialties with all input formats including HL7, PDF, TIF, scanned paper reports and more. The solution was designed by an expert panel of coders with a combined experience base of over 100 years, thereby delivering best of breed workflow management to drive significant efficiency and quality. iCode’s reporting engine is customizable and provides insightful and actionable intelligence to physicians and practices. In addition, its exception management module enables coding managers to track and ensure all charges are billed out in a timely manner while facilitating physician education.

“As a multispecialty coding platform, iCode acts as a universal tool for all specialties including radiology, pathology, emergency and anesthesia,” remarked Nitin Thakor, President and Chief Executive Officer at GeBBS. “Our strong track record of providing technology and service solutions which enable our clients to improve their financial and clinical performance is the driving force behind GeBBS' rapid market acceptance. iCode has already been implemented at three large customer sites, which is evidence that our unique solutions are addressing the market's needs.”

Visit GeBBS Healthcare Solutions at booth #226 at RBMA, or go to to learn more about iCode and the company’s other solutions and services.



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The Impact of Accountable Care on Your Revenue Cycle

Posted on Thu, Apr 11, 2013 @ 04:27 PM

Becoming an accountable care organization (ACO) requires that your facility adopt a completely new point of view when it comes to revenue cycle management. The goal of an ACO is to reduce costs by improving the quality of care provided to patients. Providers are encouraged to and boost preventative efforts that may ultimately reduce the future need for high-cost medical services such as hospital stays. As a reward for the collaborative efforts of the ACO, participating insurers such as Medicare will generally offer financial rewards for lowering costs and meeting quality care goals for their patients. On the down side, this also means that ACO providers are accountable to Medicare and may risk losing money if their costs run higher than expected. Costs will no longer just affect overall profitability; for example, they will be evaluated in conjunction with efficiency to determine reimbursement parameters. Healthcare organizations need to be able to collect the correct financial and quality data, compile accurate reports and run predictive analytics in order to meet ACO objectives of better care at lower costs.

Due to its many tenets, it is difficult for many healthcare organizations to fully understand the total ramifications of becoming an ACO, and how to adequately assess the risks and benefits of ACO participation to their revenue cycles. The assessment involves a careful analysis of data capture methods, revenue cycle infrastructure, and available clinical and financial analytical tools to help maximize efficiency during the transition.

One effective strategy to assess the risks and benefits of becoming an ACO is to engage an experienced RCM outsourcing partner who understands the ramifications of becoming an ACO. They can educate you on the various pro’s and con’s and assist in deciding whether or not it would be beneficial to establish an ACO or join an ACO. The decision will vary greatly among provider types, geography, local health care environment, and organizational preparedness. Those considering the ACO concept must first figure out how much risk their organization is willing and able to take.

One of the biggest misconceptions about joining an ACO is that the revenue cycle will be easier to manage. In fact, just the opposite will most likely be true. The reality is that the complexity simply shifts. Payers demand more specific data about the management and outcomes of patient populations and providers and organizations need more sophisticated cost and performance information to negotiate contracts. These cost controls are more crucial under risk-based contracts; therefore organizations need to rely more on integrated data systems and predictive analytics. Healthcare providers will require the use of  advanced analytics, measured by accurate and applicable data, to manage costs and quality of care provided to patients.

A knowledgeable RCM partner can help your organization identify and capture the critical data you need for ACO participation. Before your facility can perform a risk-benefit analysis, you must have the most effective technology to capture the correct information. Your technology must be configured correctly to capture meaningful information and workflows to support the changes expected by this new business model.

Today’s EHR systems make the discrete capture of large amounts of patient data possible. By applying the appropriate analytical tools to this discrete data, your organization can measure and monitor the costs and outcomes that directly impact compensation within the ACO. An experienced RCM partner can leverage a higher degree of analytics to ensure seamless coordination among healthcare providers and accurate attribution models. Likewise, when fully integrated with a practice or enterprise management system, organizations can pinpoint and predict how much it costs to treat certain patient populations and how resources should be utilized. It is this broad, population-based analysis that is necessary to put organizations in a better position to evaluate ACO opportunities and performance.


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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Best Practices Adoption

Posted on Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 11:52 AM

For physicians, getting paid properly for the services they provide is extremely important. Between constantly changing coding rules and dozens of insurance contracts -- each with its own coverage, billing and payment terms -- many medical practices find it difficult to keep up. As a result, physicians too often are paid less than they actually should be which impacts their cash flow.

There is hope for improvement! By applying established revenue cycle management (RCM) best practices, most medical groups can substantially increase revenue. These best practices ensure the following functions are accomplished, including:

  • Eligibility and benefit verification
  • Medical coding
  • Charge capture
  • Payment posting
  • Accounts Receivable follow-up

The good news is that you don’t have to take on these tasks by yourself. If you engage an experienced RCM outsourcing partner, you can accomplish all of these crucial functions promptly and efficiently, even though you may have a small internal staff. An outsourcing partner will more than pay for itself by significantly increasing your practice’s insurance payments.

They can also assist with preventing inadequate documentation or coding errors (one of the primary reasons physicians fail to get paid appropriately for their services) by providing highly-trained, certified coders. Some medical practices do not to employ certified coders. As a result, these providers may not select the appropriate level of service, or ensure that the documentation supports the code billed. Some providers even deliberately down-code services for fear they will be accused of compliance violations. Failure to correctly apply code modifiers can significantly impact your practice’s profitability.

An experienced outsourcing partner will exclusively employ certified coders to code all claims; they can also conduct outside audits of their coding to assure compliance and accuracy. These coders are also capable of identifying trends in coding and communicating those trends with your internal staff which prevents future rejections. A full-service RCM outsourcing partner also provides other billing and accounts receivable management services which makes your investment more cost effective. Training is an essential component of an effective outsourcing partner/client initiative. An outsourcing partner will deploy Subject Matter Experts to train and educate your billers to ensure   they are current on billing and coding changes, as well as changes in contracts and payer policies. These experts can also train your staff to utilize workflow technologies and software that can further increase productivity, accuracy and visibility of data gained from coding.

On the technology side, your outsourcing partner can help you ensure your IT billing systems are providing the necessary management support reports, including: overall A/R, A/R by payer contract, denial rates, and variances in received versus expected payments, and trends in payments. These reports will help you spot problems early on, understand which claims require the greatest focus, and better manage staff productivity. Without robust reporting tools, a practice lacks the ability to appropriately manage financial viability. Reporting functionality is a wise investment – and an experienced RCM outsourcing partner, who can optimize your revenue cycle and maximize your financial performance, is an even better investment. 

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How Will ICD-10 Impact Your Revenue Cycle Management?

Posted on Tue, Mar 26, 2013 @ 03:34 PM

On October 1st, 2014, the official use of and mandatory transition into ICD-10 in the United States will commence. In addition, it will be split into two systems: ICD-10-Clinical Modifications (CM) (a system that uses unique alphanumeric category classifications for the first time, includes more than 68,000 diagnostic codes, and has twice as many categories as ICD-9-CM), and ICD-10 procedure coding system (PCS) (a system for inpatient hospital procedure coding).

ICD-10 implementation will radically change the way coding is currently done and will require a significant effort to implement. This massive overhaul of the national coding system, going from roughly 17,000 codes to about 140,000, will be the most significant change to health care in decades. For medical coders and billers, stronger clinical knowledge and a much greater understanding of anatomy will be required as well as a strong comprehension of ICD-10 coding. This is why it is more crucial than ever to employ knowledgeable certified coders as well as the support of an experienced Revenue Cycle Management Partner to ensure a seamless transition into this new code set. Converting to ICD-10 will impact almost every aspect of a provider’s operations, including patient services, care delivery, revenue cycle management, data analysis and reporting, as well as a number of information technology (IT) systems that use diagnostic and procedural information.

One critical operation that requires close attention is your revenue cycle management, including medical coding, billing, insurance claims processing and A/R management. Healthcare providers must determine if there is an opportunity to leverage the more specific capabilities of ICD-10 to achieve process optimization and more accurately reflect the services provided. You can harness the massive influx of data ICD-10 will generate to streamline processes and make smarter, more strategic business decisions to optimize your revenues cycle.

Eligibility and utilization management will need to be reconfigured, while medical necessity, policy checks and associated protocols will have to be updated to utilize ICD-10 codes.

To ensure the appropriate clinical documentation is in place, it is critical to conduct a thorough assessment of clinical documentation processes to identify situations in which additional data is needed to assign the appropriate ICD-10 code. The results of these assessments can be used to target clinical documentation improvement initiatives. Capturing the correct clinical documentation, including all relevant diagnostic data within the treatment record, will improve the quality of care, enable improved billing and cash flow, and improve both clinical and financial audit results. 

Understanding how new ICD-10 codes align with existing ICD-9 reimbursement data will be critical to billing and coordination of benefits. The industry is bracing for an increased number of denials due to incongruities between the two coding systems. Denials may have several causes, such as improper eligibility checks or insufficient documentation for processing a claim. In order to manage against a spike in denials, providers will need to start analyzing the root causes of current denials and address process gaps. 

How can your facility be prepared for this critical transition? The task is going to be overwhelming for ANY healthcare facility. One sure way to be prepared is to find an outsourcing partner who is already prepared and specializes in the ICD-10 transition process. They can help you with the following critical functions.

Medical coding, Training and Computer-assisted coding: What’s your average billing cycle time now? It could get worse.

Mistakes in coding or data entry can result in delayed or incorrect billing. That’s not a new problem, but the learning curve for the huge new coding system is sure to cause additional mistakes. That could be compounded in the short term, because your staff might have to manually double-check coding and billing to ensure it’s accurate according to the new standards.

 ICD-10 is transforming the way you code and bill procedures but it’s also brought widespread changes and new standards for data transmission. You’re going to need new technology and modified office procedures, especially for details that affect the more stringent patient confidentiality regulations.

Due to the complexity of ICD-10 which encompasses a significant increase in codes, training is critical to successful implementation and process improvement.By the fall of 2014, all coders and healthcare professionals who use, read, and/or access codes will have to understand how to use it proficiently. To ensure compliance, staff will require extensive training on medical and diagnostic codes, while others will require training on diagnostic and procedure coding as well as anatomy and physiology. Proficiency in computer-assisted coding will become increasingly important. Staff members who do not presently have a high level of interaction with ICD codes will require a basic level of understanding so that they are aware of the changes that are being implemented and how these changes will impact the organization. 

Impact analysis: Analyzing the financial impact due to the shift from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will play a critical role in effectively maintaining revenue integrity.

Testing: Because ICD-10 codes are not an exact one-to-one match with ICD-9, approximations and mismatches will affect reimbursement. Organizations must plan for end-to-end testing. It will be critical to test with IT vendors and clearinghouses in order to test the compliance of each product and transaction, and avoid downstream or upstream impact on business processes and reimbursements.

Although it will be a challenge, the transition to ICD-10 offers opportunities to improve clinical documentation, revenue cycle performance and business operations. Making the transition will require adequate time for assessing impacts to clinical documentation, business processes, IT and training. To meet these challenges and ensure timely compliance, select an experienced outsourcing partner and view ICD-10 as a strategic initiative to move your organization forward!

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GeBBS | VP of Human Resources Receives An Award | The Women Super Achiever Category

Posted on Wed, Feb 27, 2013 @ 07:35 PM

GeBBS Healthcare Pooja Mehendale
GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) outsourcing solutions, announced recently that Pooja Mehendale, the company’s Vice President of Human Resources, has received an Award in the Women Super Achiever Category from the Employer Branding Institute. The award was bestowed on Ms. Mehendale for her outstanding achievements in the Human Resources (HR) field.

The Employer Branding Institute provides a forum for senior leaders in HR to connect with each other in cyber space to share best practices in Employer Branding, Talent Management, Talent Development and Talent Innovation. The Branding Institute Awards, representing HR leaders from over 36 countries, create a platform to celebrate the very best in Employer Branding in several Asian countries.

GeBBS has a keen interest and focus on managing its human capital by providing development through training and certification of its workforce. One of the company’s core values is to make its employees’ work environment a positive and rewarding experience, over and beyond financial compensation. Ms. Mehendale is responsible for overseeing and fostering this positive employee environment.

“We are pleased that Ms. Mehendale has received this well-deserved recognition,” commented Nitin Thakor, President and Chief Executive Officer of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions. “Successful company cultures are created; they just don’t happen." “We are gratified that Ms. Mehendale is using her experience to strengthening our human capital initiatives and build a stronger team to better serve our healthcare clients.”

About GeBBS

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is a Business Process Outsourcing company that specializes in enhancing the financial performance of healthcare providers by seamlessly supporting their revenue cycle management. The company is based in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and operates multiple delivery centers around the world. This unique combination of healthcare industry expertise, technology and global resources yields cost and operational efficiencies that are among the best in the industry.

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Cost-Effective Demographic Data Entry Solution | GeBBS | Case Study

Posted on Sat, Feb 16, 2013 @ 10:23 AM

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions logo
GeBBS Provides Cost-effective Demographic Data Entry Solution to a Large Northeastern U.S. Radiology Billing Services Company.



A leading Radiology Billing Services Company

Key Metrics:

Located in Northeast U.S.
In business for more than 15 years
Clients located in 30 states
Serves over 800 radiologists

Focuses on addressing the unique needs of practicing radiology physicians with proven management, business processes and advanced technology to support the physicians’ operations, effectively and efficiently.

Solution delivered:

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions delivered a customized application to handle the demographic data input for multiple clients of the radiology billing service. The application was customized to meet the needs of approximately 95 individual clients with multiple sets of specific instructions for each client.


  • Increased productivity levels by 20-25%
  • Increased formatting accuracy of the CSV output to 99.9%
  • Reduced cost of data entry by 20%, as well as providing zero cost for account maintenance

GeBBS Provides Cost-effective Demographic Data Entry Solution to a Large Northeastern U.S. Radiology Billing Services Company.

GeBBS’ client is a leading radiology reimbursement services company that offers a complete and integrated approach to business issues. They operate nationwide, providing their suite of services to radiologists using a staff of seasoned professionals. The billing services company addresses the unique needs of practicing radiology physicians with proven management, business processes and advanced technology.


The client needed a solution where their demographic entries could be done offline and then synchronized with their existing IT system. This would reduce loading time and decrease IT system utilization. The cost of creating/deleting/modifying accounts would also be reduced. In general, the client was looking for a solution to increase overall productivity while decreasing costs.


GeBBS implemented its iP2P application that accepts data input and generates a CSV output per the client’s requirements. This application was customized to handle a variety of the clients’ specifications. The client provides GeBBS with the demographic image files and GeBBS returns their output in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, which is  then loaded into their IT system.

GeBBS customized the application to handle multiple sets of specific instructions for each of the billing services’ clients, approximately 95 different sets of specifications. The application has been successfully managing the demographic work for these clients for the past one and a half years.

The application is configured in such a manner that when a user selects the dataset appropriate to their needs: the system automatically configures the specifications accordingly to their particular dataset and disables those fields that are not applicable to their demographic work.

GeBBS application increased the client’s productivity levels by 20-25% when compared to directly entering the demographic data in their billing system. GeBBS was able to eliminate delays in data entry due to system slowness in accessing the online data set, as well as providing ease of navigation and functionality that has been designed for faster accessibility. Formatting accuracy of the CSV output was increased to 99.9%. The solution has reduced the cost of data entry by approximately 20%.

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Executive Interviews | Q&A with GeBBS Leadership Team

Posted on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 12:02 PM

Executive Interviews:
Q&A with GeBBS Leadership Team

GeBBS Vijay Singh

  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    Because our company is constantly growing in several areas our employee population, our service offerings, and our people’s abilities, as they learn, develop new skills and take on more responsibility.
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    I think the moment I realized that our company was destined to be a major player in the healthcare industry was a turning point for me.
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    We’re not afraid to take on the “big challenges” that our clients face; therefore, our services become an integral part of their operations.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    founded the company and started in a management position, but I have grown with my responsibilities the same way an entry level employee does with our company.My military training has taught me that leaders must also serve.
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Meditation, Yoga, Reading.

    Mr. Vijay Singh founded the company in 2005 and within a short period of time has grown the organization into a leader in the healthcare Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry. Mr. Singh provides strategic direction and vision to GeBBS and has built a strong team to manage the company. Before starting GeBBS, Mr. Singh was in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) where he was the CEO of various public sector companies, including a leading corporation with more than 4,000 employees and revenues exceeding $100 million per year. Prior to joining the IAS, Mr. Singh was a commissioned officer in the Indian Army.

Nitin Thakor


  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    Innovation can be witnessed in all aspects of our business today. Whether it is the services we deliver to our clients, the efficiencies we drive, technologies we build, or the programs that make GeBBS a great place to work. Innovation is exemplified in everything we do.
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    It’s hard to identify a single event, but I think the moment I realized that knowledge process outsourcing was going to be the wave of the future for healthcare was an epiphany for me.
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    Our positive, compassionate and growth-oriented corporate culture

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    Vice President of Sales
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Camping, Hiking and Reading.

    Nitin Thakor is a believer in specialization and under his leadership GeBBS has emerged as a leading provider of healthcare KPO solutions. He provides day-to-day direction to the company and inspires his team to continuously perform at peak levels. His strengths lie in identifying business opportunities and building relationships. Mr. Thakor graduated summa cum laude in Finance and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a committee member of the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) and the Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA). He is also a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and a charter member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs).

Denise Cawley

  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    We are continually developing workflow automation tools and redefining process effectiveness.
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    Wow, there are several, so I will mention a couple: Participating in the Summer Bonanza and being there to award one of the top performers with the Motorcycle! Getting testimonials from clients that we perform at 300 percent greater efficiency than their internal staff!
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    I think it’s our technical and software programming expertise, and our supreme revenue cycle knowledge in all areas of the hospital and physician practice management, as well as our innovative and unparalleled customer service.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    Vice President - Client Relations Management
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Anything energetic where I can keep my feet on the ground … hiking, running, dancing and touring.

    Denise has 20+ years of experience on Healthcare Revenue Cycle management in a Hospital and Physician environment. She also has 7+ years of experience working for an academic teaching facility. Prior to joining GeBBS, Denise was an Associate Director with one of the largest multi-specialty faculty practices in CA and was responsible for directing the revenue operations for the Central Billing Office. Denise is a CPC certified coder and has a Master's in Health Administration (MHA) from the University of La Verne.

Kiran Kumar

  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    At GeBBS dependability for providing our clients with the solutions they need is a way of life. We are always looking to provide innovative solutions to our clients so that they can better serve their customers and improve their overall cost efficiency. .
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    A financially distressed client came to us in need of help. They had accumulated a significant backlog and their cash flow had been very negatively impacted. Within 48 hours GeBBS came up with a dependable, innovative solution for the client. Using our knowledgeable people, our processes and technology, we worked on very tight deadlines over the next three months to get our client back where they needed to be. I was very proud of the amazing customer focus our team displayed!
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    GeBBS is a fun, fast-paced, vibrant, diverse, rapidly growing company, full of imaginative, bright, talented and passionate people completely focused on our customer success.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    Vice President – Operations
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Hiking and Reading.

    Kiran has 15 years of experience in Operations management, managing large collections operations for GE, Ocwen Federal Bank and Zenta Pvt Limited. In his past organizations, Kiran has lead collections/recoveries operations for NCO Financial Systems out of Zenta. One of the clients rated Zenta Operations best in class, beating their Canadian Operations and was adjudged “Best Asia Risk Operations” program by a blue chip client. He is a trained and Certified Six Sigma Black belt Professional and trained as Six Sigma Master Black belt. He is also a graduate of GE Capital’s Global Leadership Development Program.

Sagar Saroi

    1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
      I would be hard pressed to describe our company in one word -- the words that come to my mind immediately are young, intelligent, agile, flexible, diverse and dexterous.
  1. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    The GeBBS spirit continues to evolve and manifest itself at all levels of operations and each moment when it succeeds to deliver a “WOW” moment for our clients and people – it’s euphoric!.
  2. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    Each time we deliver a “WOW” moment for our clients and people.
  3. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    Our mission of making health administration simpler and better.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    Vice President – Operations
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Reading and Hiking.

    Sagar has 18 years of experience in managing multi-million dollar operations spread across different geographies. Prior to joining GeBBS, Sagar worked in leadership roles at large BPO’s including WIPRO BPO and Sutherland Global Services. He has significant experience with Fortune 500 clients including managing a large outsourcing engagement for United Healthcare. He has an extensive track record of exceeding goals, turning around underperforming units and driving increased revenue & market share. His leadership style is results-driven, team-oriented and based on strong internal and external partnerships.

Paul V. Tuma

  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    Our growth and expertise is only possible by a total focus on our core competency, healthcare technology .
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    Opening our PSO HQ office in Towson Maryland.
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    Very simple, our employees – we have the most talented and professional team in the industry.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Family, Tennis, Travel.

    Paul has more than 21 years of extensive IT experience. Before joining GeBBS, Paul served as Regional Sales Manager for Technisource, a national technology solutions and staffing company. While at Technisource, Paul earned the President Club status every year while providing full life cycle support for major national and local clients including Accenture, Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Dynamics, AOL, and Wells Fargo. Prior to his stint at Technisource, Paul served as a Technology Director for 11 years at Alex Brown Realty, a leading Real Estate Investment organization and former division of Alex Brown & Sons. Paul frequently presents at various national and local technology user groups.

Pooja Mehendale

  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    Both financial and human capital growth in the last two years has been phenomenal. This has been possible only because of the commitment and passion every one puts in, right from the leadership team to an associate. The synergy is very much visible across the organisation.
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    Inducting the 2000th employee for the organisation.
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    Employees are enabled to give their personal best and work together as team. The focused effort on building the Camaraderie, Pride and Trust, align the people with organisation objective. Which helps us build client satisfaction.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
    I joined GeBBS in March 2012.
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    Vice President – Human Resources
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Reading, Photography and Jungle safari.

    Pooja Mehendale has over 14 years of diverse experience in IT and ITeS Industry covering Human Resources. She is a specialist with practitioner skills and strengths in creating robust people practices around Talent management, Career journeys, Rewards & Learning. Pooja has a keen sense of diagnostics and domain to build engagement practices for people retention and organization impact for anchoring change. Experience of dealing with large and multiple business in the HR partnering role over the last 10 yrs, in the service industry in strategic and operational roles makes her a grounded professional. Prior to joining GeBBS she was with WNS for over 7 years as AVP – HR for the travel and leisure vertical. She has also worked with organizations like Birla Technologies, Kale Consultants and GTL. Her current role focuses on building and leading a strong process oriented HR delivery organization, providing thought leadership on building diversity and engagement frameworks, managing change for complex growing organizations and creating channels for employee involvement and culture deployment.

K Chandra Sekhar

  1. What one word best describes GeBBS today?
  2. Why do you think this word describes us today?
    Because happy, dependable employees build financially stability.
  3. What is your most memorable moment at GeBBS?
    My memorable moments come every day as I see our company grow and maintain its rock-solid financial status.
  4. What sets our company apart from the rest?
    In my 26 years of working with financial operations of several companies, I have never seen a more fiscally responsible company than GeBBS.

Information About You:

  1. When did you join the company?
  2. What was your first position at GeBBS?
    Chief Financial Officer
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Chandra Sekhar, Chief Financial Officer, at GeBBS. As a key member of the management team, Mr. Sekhar provides leadership in terms of financial policies, practices, procedures, and strategies that ensure financial stability, enhance business efficiency and ultimately increase shareholder value. Mr. Sekhar has over 26 years of experience across all areas finance. Prior to joining GeBBS, he served as the Vice President of Finance for Zenta, a KPO/ BPO company. He is a Chartered Accountant from ICAI and started his career with Price Waterhouse.

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Is Achieving Instant Expertise Possible with Pharmacy Outsourcing?

Posted on Tue, Jan 22, 2013 @ 11:24 AM



GeBBS Healthcare Solutions


When you provide a healthcare service that requires a high level of individual employee expertise, how can you find immediate help when you have staffing issues due to increased work volumes?  Who can you call on to provide assistance and not have the timeliness or quality of your work be affected?

These are important questions for today’s healthcare providers, especially, in light of increased government oversight into the quality of healthcare services.

Many healthcare providers today are discovering the answers to these questions to be global outsourcing. One such outsource provider is GeBBS Healthcare Solutions. GeBBS has on staff college-trained experts in almost every healthcare specialty. These experts are well versed on the latest issues that are affecting the healthcare industry.

A recent case in point illustrates the efficacy of outsourcing as a viable solution.

GeBBS was called to help a Pennsylvania-based, long-term care pharmacy services provider to solve its staffing challenges.

The Challenges:

Even though the company had been very successful, they were struggling with staffing issues created by their own tremendous success in the marketplace.  The pharmacy services provider utilizes wireless technology, an internet infrastructure, propriety software and robotic prescription dispensing systems to provide the latest in pharmacy order entry and medication administration.

The company’s pharmacy services can be implemented as a turnkey solution that requires no software, eliminating any additional IT burden for its clients. Their systems also easily integrate with any legacy ADT systems, financial, billing and other clinical systems using industry standards such as HL7.

The pharmacy services provider's mission is to partner with clients to reduce costs, enable better clinical and financial outcomes, and improve staff productivity and satisfaction. Their services combine Just-In-Time Dispensing with electronic prescription ordering, formulary management, medication and treatment administration, and corresponding medical records documentation.

Since the pharmacy company is an outsource provider themselves, they understood completely the benefits of global outsourcing as a solution to handle their increased work volumes. They knew that many of the tasks they were falling behind on could be performed using a global delivery platform and that the precious experienced resources currently being used for data entry work could be re-deployed to other more critical tasks.

Another challenge for the company was the high volume of pharmacy orders being processed every day and the need to turn these orders around very quickly. Couple these tight deadlines with the complex process of medication entry -- which requires an experienced staff -- and a high quality work level that mandates 100% QA on every job, and you have exponentially compounded your challenges. They were also experiencing scanning issues, because identical patients were being scanned into the same batch which was causing the staff to have to re-do work that had already been performed.

The GeBBS Healthcare Solution:

realized the importance of a fast implementation, so the company sent a Transition Manager to the client’s site to ensure a seamless transition and to establish a clear communication channel between the client and GeBBS. GeBBS knew the importance of pharmacy-experienced staff and put together four key elements that would provide an immediate and ongoing solution for the client.

  1. The team manager assembled a group of GeBBS pharmacy-experienced employees – all college trained – to provide immediate help to alleviate the client’s staffing problem.

  2. GeBBS established a training program that would create a new staff of employees for the client who could handle future work volume increases as they came online.

  3. GeBBS standardized and documented the company’s processes, so all employees, present and future would know how the workflow was to be handled.

  4. GeBBS put in place new automation systems that would increase staff productivity to help them handle the increased workloads. In addition, GeBBS conducted regular web-based training and conference calls to answer staff questions and manage all of the training requirements.

GeBBS staffing plan ensured the right balance between experienced staff members and newly trained member – approximately a 50/50 mix. The GeBBS training function carefully evaluated all newly trained client staff members before they were deployed on the live project.

GeBBS also created standard templates for common pharmacy orders, which helped increase and maintain productivity. And finally, GeBBS provided the client with Automated Facility Reports which kept them apprised of all the activities that were being performed to help them solve their staffing challenges.

The Results:

The pharmacy services provider not only took care of its staffing issues in a very timely manner but also experienced significant cost savings by using the GeBBS Global Delivery platform. The increased productivity and cost savings came without any compromise of quality. The client also benefited by maintaining a 24-hour turnaround time and now had the ability to manage future spikes in volume. GeBBS outsourced solution also provided the client with intelligence reports (quality, batch rejection, query, turnaround, etc.) that helped them improve quality benchmarks for their internal staff.

The GEBBS Healthcare Solution Provided:

  • Pharmacy-experienced outsourced staff for immediate relief to challenge

  • Expert training for ongoing solution to problem

  • Coding and revenue cycle management to solve financial issues

  • Fast solution that did not compromise quality

  • Intelligence reports for valuable management feedback


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How To Heal Merger Maladies with Outsourcing | GeBBS

Posted on Sat, Jan 12, 2013 @ 08:55 PM

When you are one of the largest medical billing services companies in the Southwest U.S. and your mission is to help other physician groups solve their staffing and financial challenges, how do you react when you are faced with these very same issues?

You take the advice of the old adage: “physician heal thyself” and call in a professional outsourcing solutions provider who has just the “right medicine.”

A large Texas-based medical billing services company was created in 2004 from the merger of three distinct but complementary founding companies. Two of the companies are experienced and innovative providers of business and practice management services, exclusively dedicated to supporting the needs of primary care and sub-specialty pediatric practices. The third merged company is the largest billing and practice management company in Houston, TX and specializes in hospital-based physician group practices with emphasis on pathology, anesthesiology and radiology.

While these three independent companies had achieved impressive levels of success singularly, the synergy of providing a broader array of services to physicians across the state of Texas was the driving force behind this merger. While this large combined entity with over 700 employees was effectively managing the critical business tasks physicians need to assure maximum returns — giving them more time to focus on patient care, the merger had created some serious challenges.

The newly formed company was struggling with staffing issues. They understood the benefits of outsourcing and knew they needed an outsourced solution to help them with the increased workload, including data entry as well as other critical daily tasks. Also, they were seeking a delivery platform that could help easily manage the workflow and allow present staff to be redeployed to other critical tasks.

Other challenges came from the lack of a document management system (DMS) in place to manage data electronically: data consisted of paper-based claims and EOB’s. Data entry errors were affecting cash flow. The company had to hire extra manpower to manage their old outsourcing partner which drove up the billing services overhead and lowered profitability.
Turnaround time was not acceptable due to delays in coding, incorrect demographic information, slow charge entry, and payment posting.

In order to get the service delivery and profitability back on track, the medical billing company called GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, a New Jersey-based leader in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Through its multiple Global Delivery Centers (GDC) located in India, GeBBS leverages its people, processes, and technology to provide operational and financial solutions for clients.

To address the company’s issues, GeBBS sent a Transition Manager to ensure a seamless implementation for the project and to establish a clear communications channel. The GeBBS' implementation team also conducted regular web-based training accompanied by conference calls to answer staff member’s questions and manage other training requirements. Then, GeBBS leveraged technology by implementing iP2P ((Intelligent Paper to Payment) solution in order to manage the end-to-end workflow for the billing services company.

iP2P is a full-service outsourced payment posting solution for paper Explanations Of Benefits (EOBs). This solution provides for the automated receipt, processing and posting of all paper payments including insurance payments, patient payments, and correspondence. The iP2P Client Portal provided the company with full visibility into real-time production status, exception management and auditing, along with an image repository for easy retrieval and viewing of EOBs. It allowed the company to revitalize their Accounts Receivable (A/R) by providing immediate electronic access to payment data and images. The iP2P solution integrated with the billing company’s legacy IT hardware and software providing workflow and document management, combined with GeBBS’ highly trained and knowledgeable workforce.

EOB GeBBS resized 600

As a result of the “outsourcing medical treatment,” the medical billing services company achieved “financial well-being.” Staffing and outsourcing services have reduced the FTE costs of the company by an impressive 50%. The staffing plan GeBBS designed and implemented ensured a healthy balance between experienced and trained staff (50% of the team was comprised of experienced resources). This was accomplished by the training department organizing a client specific training program. All trainees were carefully evaluated before being deployed on the live project.

In addition, the pass rate for insurance claims has increased to 98%, enhancing revenue flow. A customized document management system, installed at no additional cost, now automates all of the previous paper-based documents for the company, significantly improving their workflow processes. With the scalability provided by GeBBS, the billing services company can now add new physician contracts without adding new FTEs and investing in additional infrastructure. This allows the company to focus on marketing its services to larger physician groups and hospitals and improve their overall corporate profitability.

Outsourcing Benefits at a Glance:

  • Reduced FTE costs by 50%
  • Increased the pass rate to 98+%
  • Created a customized document management system (DMS) at no additional cost
  • Provided scalability - company can now add new contracts without investing in new resources and infrastructure and can also focus on marketing its services to larger physician groups and hospitals

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